Welcome to the official webpage of the Hellenic Vascular Registry (HEVAR, VascularRegistry.gr). VascularRegistry.gr runs under the auspices of the Hellenic Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (HSVES). HEVAR is a member of Vascunet. HSVES’ goal is the systematic recording of the total vascular activity in Greece, as seen in the existing national vascular registries worldwide as the VSQIP, the VQI, the Swedvasc, the GermanVasc and others.

Have said about the “Registry”

“… I think it is necessary to step up the separation and entrenchment of the specialties. One measure in this direction would be to finally establish a Vascular Registry to get to know who is doing what, how it is done and what is the outcome.”

Sechas MN. The Evolution of Vascular Surgery in Greece. Hellenic Vascular Surgery, Issue 21, 2010 (105-108).