The creation of the Vascular Surgery Registry (HEVAR – The Hellenic Vascular Registry), or a registry for recording vascular surgery procedures, has been a desire of the Hellenic Vascular Surgery community almost from its foundation. Several times, elected members of the Hellenic Vascular Surgery tried to achieve this goal but eventually the result was disappointing. The existence of an interventions registry is a reality in all modern health systems.

Today, the Hellenic Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (HSVES) has set as one of its most important priorities the realization of this project. The HSVES has appointed the Registry Management Committee which has been authorized to organise this project. With HEVAR, it will become possible to identify the real potential of vascular surgery throughout the country, enhancing the potential of the Vascular Surgery medical specialty.

Additionally, we aspire HEVAR to be a research tool, available to everyone who wants to use it for scientific purposes, through a specific and well-defined process.

Welcome to the Hellenic Vascular Registry!

Athens, January 12, 2019

Andreas Lazaris, Konstantinos Moulakakis
Vascular Surgeons
Steering Committee of the Hellenic Vascular Registry